Arbitrarily Love

He never helped the wife
He prefers play the game than care with his child
He is husband who isn't responsible
With his work and his family
He didn't know about the TIME

Does his Love is arbitrarily love??
or He Doesn't Love again??
It's make the wife is very sad


Your Mother

It has been happening
Your mother was different..
If you were on my side
She gave me more pay attention
She always smile
She took help for my working

If you weren't on my side
Your mother always talkless
She talked about wealth, wealth..
And always wealth..
She rarely helped me
And I bored with it


Make be happy your mother

You should know...
Your mother was sad,because...
Her daughter in law is poor lady
She isn't reach girl
She hasn't good clothes
She didn't have field which is lubricant

All I know about your mother
So make be happy your mother,
You should choose another girl
You should marry with her
who is reach girl
And I willingly



Keep Your Promise

This time I had loveless with you,
I bored with you,
I hate your heart,
And your mind

Cause You never keep your promise,
You're not the best man for me,
Thanks for your lost control to me.


Still Love You

Wherever your step
I always follow you,
But I never near you,
Until this time,

Actually I couldn't stop to think about you
Only with your heart I can life more
My heart still keep only for you,
Please give your hand just for me,
Cause I still Loving you ....


Lost Someone

When I lost someone
I couldn't think everything
I couldn't do anything

He always give motivation to me
He is my hero
Now, He is far from my heart and my eyes.
I don't know where's he now???



I dream of him

by Caramel Bliss

I dream of him.
That gallant knight.
The perfect man.
Who disappears in light.

I dream of him.
He whom I cannot resist.
But alas my heart!
For he does not exist.


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